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The Talulah Woman

Talulah is more than a fashion label – it’s a 360-degree luxury lifestyle brand. Talulah is style with a local ease but a global opinion. Elegance without all the effort; fashion without all the fuss. The Talulah woman is dynamic – she expresses herself with colour. She is bold, she is sexy and she has something to say. Her wardrobe is only the start of the conversation.

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Elliot Sailors In NYC For La Maison Talulah

Brisbane-born Kelli Wharton founded Talulah in 2005. The designer quickly garnered a loyal following among local tastemakers and the brand went global in 2012.

Regularly appearing on the runway as a part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week alongside Australia’s preeminent designers, inside the glossy pages of ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Instyle, and draped over the shoulders of some of the country’s most chic women, Talulah now takes its signature understated elegance to women all over.

Now in its tenth anniversary year, Talulah sits under the creative direction of Kelli Wharton and her team of design, production, marketing, wholesale and retail specialists, operating in the beautiful surrounds of NSW North Coast Byron Bay.

The brand has rapidly earned itself the reputation of quality, creative, colourful and feminine womenswear, attracting the attention of global buyers, celebrities, fashion bloggers and customers.

Talulah has grown into a lifestyle that every woman can take away with her, offering apparel and homewares that remains true to its design intention and values; creative, confident and elegantly spirited.

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