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Franki Loves… Alice MccALL

A bold blend of eclectic design and playful sensibility, Alice McCall creates a charismatic, feminine charm.

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Boasting an extensive career in the fashion industry, the designer of the eponymous label injects both bohemian youthfulness and modern styling into every collection. Known for their party dresses, playsuits and statement styles, Alice McCall adds a bit of magic to every wardrobe.

Backstage At Alice McCall Spring 2015

London-born Australian fashion designer Alice McCall traded in a ten-year career as a stylist to the stars to launch her eponymous fashion label in 2004. She’s now stocked in 160 stores in 10 countries world-wide.

Kate Moss helped McCall get her big break: while working as a stylist in London in the late 1990s, McCall began creating and selling one-off silk tops and dresses through a select few London stores. Moss snapped some up and heads turned.

After a chance meeting with fellow Aussies Heidi Middleton and Sarah-Jane Clarke, Alice returned to Australia in 2003 to design for Sass & Bide.

A year later she launched the Alice McCall label at Australian Fashion Week. The collection was an overnight success and the designer has since gone on to show in London and New York.

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